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Friday, August 27, 2009 Pro and Con " Combat The Fat " Weight Loss Program By Health Experts

Men's Weight Loss Program - 7 Best Proven Weight Loss Steps For Guys
By Rob R Carmichael Platinum Quality Author

The term "dieting" is not actually popular amongst men who view this phrase as somewhat feminine. Men in fact approach their weight loss program in a completely different manner to women, viewing the process of "dieting" as reshaping their body for the long term.

Hence most of the men's supplement pills are marketed to people wanting to work out in order to shred pounds at the same time as building muscle.

Therefore, if your a guy wanting to lose body fat yet at the same time gain body mass, the following steps will more than help you achieve this.

Step 1: Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day...

Fruit and veg in dishes all count here. Just a simple smoothie with your breakfast or adding some tomato and lettuce to your sandwich or a tonne of onions in your bolognaise is a great way to get your daily vitamin and mineral fix.

Step 2: Eat fewer takeaways and choose healthy ...

So lets say you love kebabs, go for chicken and not Donner meat, or if its pizza go with thin crust and not deep pan and go with boiled rice and not fried or pilau.

Step 3: Drive to the pub...

This is one way of saving and reducing your pint intake. Packed with calories this is where the majority of your body fat will come from.

Step 4: Don't be afraid to tell the odd fib...

If your mates start questioning you about your new dieting habits don't be afraid blatantly lie if it gets them off your back. If your off the sauce then tell them your on antibiotics or if your skipping the kebabs tell them your doctor has told you to bring your cholesterol levels down.

Step 5: Don't just watch sport...

Instead of just sitting on your butt watching sport it's time to get your backside of it and start getting pro-active. If you think your sporting days are over there's nothing stopping you kicking the ball around in the garden with your grandson, son or daughter.

Step 6: Know your BMI...

Calculate your body mass by dividing your weight in kilograms with your height in meter squared. Ideally your body mas should fall between 18.2 and 25.9 and should remain in this margin throughout your life if you want to avoid the hazards that being overweight brings.

Step 7: Workout with the number 1 superfood - Acai.

Pronounced "asarhee" - Acai is by far the most complete food type available which provides the following attributes: * A remarkable concentration of antioxidants that help combat premature aging, with 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine. * A synergy of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health to assist in increased weight loss. * An almost perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration.

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Update August 14 2009 Pro and Con " Combat The Fat " Weight Loss Program By Health Experts

Combat The Fat is designed by Jeff. His programme can help women and men alike to lean and ripped from a fat body, all within 12 weeks as these techniques are being used by US military soldiers to get fit and lean as quickly as possible, including to this program is a Diet & Nutrition guide that really teaches you how to eat more to burn more fats. We provide you the information and Pro and Con opinion of the health experts, it is up to you to choose the best program which fit for you. As always, you may see expert discuss something other than this program with related subject, it is their own opinion on how to combat fat. Please consult with your doctor, if you decide to apply this weight loss technique.

Recommended Program
Combat The Fat + Advanced Bodybuilding
Revolutionary New Approach To Weight Loss
Burns Fat Up To 288% Faster...and Keeps it Off

Combat Fat - The Peaceful Way
By Christina Laslow Platinum Quality Author

Have you ever watched an Aikido practitioner defend himself? Perhaps not, but let me tell you it is a thing of beauty.

You see Aikido is an art that uses an adversary's body and momentum against themselves. It changes defense from and aggressive barrage of counter measures to a graceful art that is almost comical.

When I say comical I mean from the onlookers perspective. It is almost as if the Aikido practitioner is playing with her opponent. Gently swooping and turning while the poor aggressor is flying through the air and landing flat on his back in pain. Its like a graceful dance with deadly consequences.

Wouldn't it be nice to be that way with our fat loss?

Wouldn't it be nice to use that McDonalds lunch as a weapon against our fat loss? If only we could combat fat with the very things that would normally cause us to gain fat...

Using Food As A Weapon -- Peacefully

I say all this to lead you to one word: hormones.

Have you ever heard of these? Hormones are the powerhouses that determine what our body is going to do with all the nutrients that we consume. With the correct hormonal balance we are like an Aikido master tossing nutrients where we want them.

"Protein you go to muscle, carbs I use you for fuel, fat get burned."

However when hormones are out of whack nasty things happen to our body, specifically to our hips, thighs, and butts.

So the key to all of this is to really learn how to control our hormones, and thankfully much research has been done in this area of nutritional science. The scientists have discovered that our bodies react to foods in much the same way as drugs. After all foods are comprised of chemicals too.

With this new knowledge, tests have been conducted to determine which food combinations will cause a body's hormones to react favorably and start burning fat. It was discovered that by shifting what types of calories are consumed - whether from protein, carbs or fat - the body would respond by willingly giving up fat.

It is like a diet that uses the foe of fat against itself. It turned food into a friend.

The types of diets that proved most effective are called calorie shifting diets. They use calorie types in varying ways to produce a cascade of hormones to come to your rescue.

So now food can be your friend again, and you can enjoy all foods - including fast food - and still lose fat. Find out more about calorie shifting diets... Click Here>

Recommended Program
Combat The Fat + Advanced Bodybuilding
Revolutionary New Approach To Weight Loss
Burns Fat Up To 288% Faster...and Keeps it Off

Combat The Fat Review - Is This A Useless Fat Loss Guide?
By Otto Simpson Platinum Quality Author

Combat The Fat is written by Jeff, who claims that his tactics and strategies for fat loss come straight from the US military training program. I must admit that I was very skeptical about the whole website at first, and thought that it might just be another ordinary fitness guide like so many others being sold.

The author claims that his programme can help you get to lean and ripped from a fat body, all within 12 weeks. Are these claims really true? I decided to buy Combat The Fat to find out the truth.

1. Why Is Combat The Fat So Different From Other Fat Loss Programs?

The first thing that struck me the most about this ebook is that it gives new facts about fat loss that you definitely do not know about. It tells you how some people are able to lose up to 15 pounds in their first week of exercising, simply because they know the right way to exercise or they may just have gotten lucky.

I also learnt how our bowels, sex drive and hormones are all related to the amount of fats I am able to lose at once, and how I can increase these levels quickly with my diet and exercises.

2. What Are The Kinds Of Strategies Used In Combat The Fat?

When I first read the exercise techniques in this ebook, I must admit that I have never seen them anywhere before, although honestly I was wondering when I would be able to complete them given the poor fitness condition I was in. Luckily, there is no need to do the exercises more than 3 times a week, so it was not impossible for me. Jeff claims that these techniques are being used by US military soldiers to get fit and lean as quickly as possible. It is certainly true considering how the intense every workout routine is.

3. Combat The Fat Contents

The entire guide is very well organized and arranged in a step by step fashion that is very easy to follow. The first component is the workout log that contains the exercises you will carry out on each of your training days, and which specific intervals you should perform them.

Then, there is the Diet & Nutrition guide that really teaches you how to eat more to burn more fats. This component tells you the foods that you should eat as much of as possible at specific times of the day to achieve maximum fat loss results.