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Update June 26- 2010 Pro and Con " Combat The Fat Weight Loss " By Health Experts

Combat The Fat is designed by Jeff. His programme can help women and men alike to lean and ripped from a fat body, all within 12 weeks as these techniques are being used by US military soldiers to get fit and lean as quickly as possible, including to this program is a Diet & Nutrition guide that really teaches you how to eat more to burn more fats. We provide you the information and Pro and Con opinion of the health experts, it is up to you to choose the best program which fit for you. As always, you may see expert discuss something other than this program with related subject, it is their own opinion on how to combat fat. Please consult with your doctor, if you decide to apply this weight loss technique.

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Weight Gain For Women - How to Combat it With Exercises to Lose Fat
By Jennifer Jolan Platinum Quality Author

Weight gain for women in their middle years is fast becoming a serious problem. If you're doing all the right things, yet aren't getting any results to show for it, then read this article. I'm going to show you some simple, yet powerful, exercises to lose fat with.

These are perfect for middle-aged women who are busy and don't have much time to devote to exercising.

Weight Gain For Women - Start Reversing This NOW

1. This exercise is so powerful, I only want you to do it for 1 minute at a time... Hindu Squats

Listen, if you can do up to 10 minutes of hindu squats each day, but only 1 minute at a time, you will DRAMATICALLY increase your metabolism. Your goal is to do 20 hindu squats per minute.

So find a place where you have some room. Prepare to squat... no weights. Just your body.

Then squat... and do it FAST FAST FAST! As I said, your goal is to do AT LEAST 20 per minute. So you'll need to time yourself. Since you aren't scheduling a workout, try not to forget about doing these 1 minute "here and there" whenever you get a chance to.

Try for a total of 10 minutes... and 200 squats each day... TOTAL.

2. Hula Hooping

As you get into middle age, the hips and waist seem to find gravity and hang more than before. The hula hoop is the perfect "weapon" to fight this. If you want to tone and definite your waist and hips, hula hoop for 10 minutes a day.

You can do it 1 minute at a time like the hindu squats if you want. Or combine them... 1 minute of hindu squats followed by 1 minute of hula hooping.

Weight gain for women... NOT FOR YOU. It's time to stop this. Use these 2 simple exercises to lose fat fast without even sweating.

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Jennifer Jolan

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