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Update August 01 - 2010 Pro and Con " Combat The Fat Weight Loss " By Health Experts

Combat The Fat is designed by Jeff. His programme can help women and men alike to lean and ripped from a fat body, all within 12 weeks as these techniques are being used by US military soldiers to get fit and lean as quickly as possible, including to this program is a Diet & Nutrition guide that really teaches you how to eat more to burn more fats. We provide you the information and Pro and Con opinion of the health experts, it is up to you to choose the best program which fit for you. As always, you may see expert discuss something other than this program with related subject, it is their own opinion on how to combat fat. Please consult with your doctor, if you decide to apply this weight loss technique.

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Foods to Help Combat Belly Fat
By Jacky Turner Platinum Quality Author

Belly fat is ugly and not at all sexy. Worst of all, it is stubborn. Getting rid of belly fat can be extremely difficult but definitely not impossible. All that is needed is the right approach and everything else will fall into place. Many people underestimate the value of simple lifestyle modifications and the need to break bad habits. These two factors itself are sufficient to combat belly fat.

The most important step in winning the battle against the bulge is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Surely, many individuals have heard about the importance of a healthy lifestyle since they were young. This advice has stood the test of time simply because there is a lot of truth in it

When striving to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important that we consume sufficient amounts of water, preferable 8 glasses per day, to prevent dehydration. This will ensure that our metabolic processes run smoothly, toxins are effective metabolized and cleared from the body and we remain energetic. Sufficient sleep, ideally 7 to 8 hours is also important as it ensures that our body gets enough rest. We must also incorporate high intensity "cardio workouts" and weight training into our lives to ensure that we are able to burn off excess calories.

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is adopting a healthy diet. Without this, we stand a very slim chance of being successful in our quest of losing belly fat. There are certain foods out there that are low in calories but high in nutritional value. Consumption of these foods will help maintain our metabolic rate and help get rid of excess fat. Protein rich foods like lean poultry, almonds, protein shakes, fish and egg whites are a good example. We must also consume food with high fiber content such as lentils, apples and brain. We must avoid the consumption of polyunsaturated fats but increase our consumption of monounsaturated fats. These are healthy fats that help to keep the unhealthy fats at low levels and even confers us protection against cardiovascular disease. Fish, almond and olive oil are food that contain high levels of monounsaturated fats. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains are also reputed to be a healthy choice. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and also have high fiber content. Consumption of these foods will help us feel satiated faster and prevent us from binging. The high amounts of fiber also help to increase the metabolic rate as increased levels of energy is required to digest all that fiber.

The five foods listed above are definitely healthier alternatives to our daily diet of today. The diets consumed by us these days are rich in saturated fats, processed food and sugar. All of this does not help us combat belly fat but merely promotes it. By consuming more of the foods listed above, we will definitely be on our way to effective loss of belly fat.

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